Introduction To Market Research

Duration : ~.33 Hours

( 78 Learners )


Amanda Goldman-Petri

( Course Instructor )


Discover how to conduct market research properly for powerful niche insights

Treva Marshall

“I made my money back by sending one email, so it was well worth the investment. By using the strategies in the program, I secured 4 new deals within the 1 week. 3 of the packages were from clients whose work would have otherwise come to an end and 1 package was for a new client. The best part of the program, was that it taught me how to think of ways to serve my existing clients in ways that I would have not explored without the training in Amanda’s program.”

Jasmine Judson

“Amanda has an innate ability to help you realize what resources are already available to you in your business and then expand on those opportunities. I will admit that I had NO IDEA that my cash injection campaign would be so successful (I made 6 $7500 sales and 1 $250,000 sale in 30 days!). I was intimidated as I was very new to this world and had never offered something so expensive before. However, with Amanda’s guidance and encouragement, I was able to think more creatively about what services I could offer, and what my time and energy were TRULY worth. I’m not sure where you are going in your business, but I can promise you that Amanda is full of amazing ideas to help you get to where you want to be. Just take the leap of faith and commit to yourself and your worth, and you are halfway there….she will help with the rest! ”

~ Yoga Instructor, Hawaii
Had 3 Brick & Mortar Stores To Tap Into

Jenn Scalia

“Using the strategies Amanda’s cash injection campaign, I was able to book 5 clients at $5K in less than two weeks. In addition, she urged me to do a Black Friday campaign which I wasn’t planning on doing and I got 113 new members into my membership site in 48 hours. That will equal up to an additional $5K in recurring revenue. The strategies are easy to implement, can be done without any big launch or crazy tech. ”

~Visibility Coach, New Jersey
Had Previous Clients And A List To Tap Into

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